Sleeplessness to Serenity

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You've just mastered that new smart phone and linked all the ring tones to your favorite groups. Then, the ring tone from hell causes your teeth to clench and your stomach to knot.

It can't be that bad you think to yourself as you answer the call. You were right. It's worse. That overly-friendly voice from SARS informed you that  "you are about to be audited. We will be there next week and we are just confirming your physical address".

This is just one example of the many SARS sentences that cause sleepless nights. Have you had one of these calls?  Or perhaps that call is just around the corner?

What value would you place on the peace of mind that comes with efficient and compliant accounting and tax services? Imagine sleeping soundly, secure in the knowledge that  the only message you'll receive from SARS is confirmation of the amount due back to you, or the outcome letter confirming there was no need for any adjustment after either a verification or audit process.

Welcome to the Bullivant world of total tax relaxation. If you follow our lead, you will never be faced with penalties, interest or non-compliant consequences. Yes, we said it. Never. 

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Tax Solutions that take you from SARS sleeplessness to tax tranquillity.